Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why invest the time, effort and resources necessary to construct, publish, and
     implement a set of comprehensive economic development strategies?

1. Never before has Somerset County’s business community (our “economic interests”) been
    provided an opportunity to identify, endorse, prioritize and oversee the implementation
    investments (and initiatives) that will improve Somerset County’s economic future.
2. The US Economic Development Administration investment in this project provides a structure
    for and adds credibility to Somerset County’s efforts as we seek regional, state, and federal
    support for our priorities.

Q: How will you insure that the economic development strategy effort isn’t a
    duplication of other efforts?

1. Through this effort, the business community will focus on actions that will create jobs and
    facilitate future private sector economic investment.
2. We have put in place a sub-committee structure that engages public sector boards,
    committees, and commissions as contributors to the private sector effort of identifying and
    prioritizing economic development strategies.

Q: What is the timeframe for development and implementation of economic
    development strategies for Somerset County?

1. The first 6 months of the project will be dedicated to compiling appropriate background
    information and documenting an economic vision for Somerset County.
2. The second 6 months of the project will be dedicated to examining impediments to success
    standing in the way of taking us from where we are now to where we want to be.
3. The last 6 months of the project will be focused on detailed documentation of actions that will
    result in success.

Q: Where do I fit in?
1. An established a Subcommittee structure allows individuals to participate by area of interest,
    including workforce delivery, tourism, energy efficiency, infrastructure,
    and sustainability.
2. A facilitated visioning process will seek broad input on job creation and economic investment
    outcomes the community can agree on.
3. Lastly, the implementation of regionally significant projects will call for a broad based effort
    where Somerset County speaks with one voice on our priorities.