As an economic development organization we understand that the needs of each business are unique. We seek to provide a customized level of service to each client, and we encourage you to contact us so that we may deliver the information you need to effectively evaluate Somerset County, NJ as a location for business.

In an effort to assist in your evaluation of Somerset County, NJ as a location for your business, we present below information most frequently requested by clients.

More detailed information, including available commercial office and industrial property availability, can be accessed by contacting our office. Additionally, we are frequently able to help clients identify and secure specific data that may not be readily available through conventional information sources.

Commercial Office Market Report

Combined with our Community Economic Profile, our commercial office market reports provide the demographic, statistical, and economic information companies need in order to make informed location decisions. With a wide range of available office space in locations that range from vibrant downtown environments to state of the art campus settings, Somerset County, NJ is an ideal location for companies large and small.

Employer Toolkit

In the first example of its kind, Somerset County has connected three functional areas of the Business Partnership with a focus on attracting and retaining talent as a key component of our job creation and private sector economic investment efforts. Our employer toolkit is multi-dimensional, and has been assembled based on the advice and guidance of a team of advisors from some of our major employers. The result is a series of resources that works to both attract visitors and to paint a picture of what it is like to live and work in Somerset County, NJ.

Community Economic Profile (including major employers, November 2017)

This report presents typically requested economic, demographic, employment, and population data for Somerset County, NJ, including a major employers and occupational statistics.

In-demand Occupations Report (November 2017)

Through our efforts to more closely align economic and workforce development activities, we recently commissioned a report to better understand the characteristics of our workforce and the occupations in-demand by employers. This analysis reviews the age of workers, educational requirements of employers, and number of jobs and annual openings for the top 30 occupations in our region.

Creating Vibrant Connections in Somerset County, NJ

A team of individuals representing education, government, business, and non-profits presented a brand essence for our community to the Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders. This effort represents a unique opportunity for all of us to speak with one voice on the assets and resources that make Somerset County, NJ a special place.

The Millennial Generation

Millennials (15 to 34) are currently equal to"baby boomers" in population at approximately 75 million. The millennial age cohort will grow to 81 million by 2036, while very other age cohort declines. In partnership with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the Somerset County Millenial Perspectives report, and associated Power Point presentation by Professor Larry Burrows, provide valuable insights into the thinking of this diverse, community oriented population.

Getting Your Employees To and From Work

Commuting has significant impact on the Workforce. Traffic congestion and transportation costs take a toll on businesses in the form of tardiness, missed days, lack of job satisfaction, lost productivity and increased employee turnover. Some of these issues can be quantified in dollar figures, while others are less tangible. RideWise, Somerset County's Transportation Management Association partners with employers to assess employee transportation needs, identify appropriate options, and recommend implementation plans, at no cost to the employer. For more information contact

New Jersey Business Action Center

New Jersey Action Center – your single point of contact for building and growing your business in the Garden state. They Provide Businesses if all sizes with tools and resources they need to be successful and ensure that leaders across the country and the world know that New Jersey is “Open for Business"

Choose NJ

Choose New Jersey will advocate the state’s core strengths – strategic access to local and global financial markets, a highly trained workforce, world-class sea and airports, state-of-the-art energy and communications infrastructure and elite research universities.

New Jersey Economic Development Authority

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) is an independent State agency that serves as the State’s “bank for business” by financing small and mid-sized businesses, administering tax incentives to retain and grow jobs, revitalizing communities through redevelopment initiatives, and supporting entrepreneurial development by providing access to training and mentoring programs.

NJ Local Housing and Redevelopment Laws

Laws applicable to local redevelopment efforts in NJ.