At the Somerset County Business Partnership (SCBP) we recognize that a thriving community is fundamentally linked to a prosperous economy. We seek and support local business leaders who pursue growth and profitability through sustainable business practices using methods that contribute to the wellbeing of the community at large. Through the services of the SCBP we help members to reduce expenses and increase revenues through these sustainable practices.

All SCBP members can enjoy the increased profitability and competitiveness that result from:

  • SCBP initiatives and programs such as the Green Challenge that help you to reduce waste, lower costs, and save energy while allowing customers and prospects to see your commitment to bettering the community by embracing sustainable practices.
    Networking events like 2013’s Go Green on the Green that facilitate connections with potential suppliers and customers interested in sustainability while helping you and your organization understand best strategies for “going green.”
    Guidance from sustainability experts and access to “green” vendors who can help implement sustainable initiatives that result in lower costs, energy savings, and a stronger bottom line.
    An extensive and continually growing resource library to answer your questions on a variety of “green” topics, including SCBP’s exclusive Green Building Tool Kit.
    Advocacy on NJ’s sustainable/environmental legislative initiatives through our Legislative Affairs Committee, with key partnerships to support these efforts.

As your platform for success, we are here to make a difference in your business. Getting involved with Sustainable Somerset is easy and rewarding; contact us now to find out how we can help you gain a competitive advantage while doing the right thing. And if you’re not an SCBP member already, there’s never been a better time to join the Chamber!

Sustainability is based on conserving resources, and money is a key resource to conserve. Learn from the leaders — make your business a better, more profitable place to work; make your community a better place to live.
+ Ed Seliga, Chairman, Sustainable Somerset Vice President, Advanced Solar Products











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October 2014