Testimonial - Affinity Federal Credit Union

The potential for high return for employers investing in and implementing Workplace Wellness programs is a benefit that many organizations are coming to realize. Somerset County Business Partner, Affinity Federal Credit Union is one such organization, demonstrating to their employees, that their well-being is a priority to the company.

Julia Hand, Senior Total Rewards Manager, states how Affinity Federal Credit Union is committed to a culture of wellbeing by not only offering their employees competitive health benefits, but also providing an environment that truly emphasizes Workplace Wellness.

Each year, Affinity Federal Credit Union hosts a company-wide Wellness Week for their employees. The week consists of Lunch and Learn sessions, Wellness Workshops, and a Health Fair event. Wellness Week concludes with a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. On the day of this walk, employees are encouraged to donate $5 to wear jeans and pink in support of St. Peter’s University Hospital Breast Care Center. This year, employees donated $1,030 to benefit this organization.

Affinity develops Lunch and Learn educational sessions based on health issues that are prominent in the community of employees. Sessions have included topics such as nutrition, stress reduction, and the importance of exercise. This year, all employees were invited to attend exercise boot camp as well as stretch and relax techniques.

At the Health Fair employees are offered free flu shots and are encouraged to participate in health screenings. These screenings have been a great benefit for employees who learn about their baseline health. The health screenings include: vision, hearing, skin cancer, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and much more. Depending on the screening the employee participates in, they are given a personalized report that they can then review with their primary care doctor.

At Affinity Federal Credit Union employees are offered an opportunity to get involved in programs that support continuous health and fitness improvement throughout the year. On-site programs such as Weight Watchers, Team Affinity, Biometric Screenings and Clinical Health Risk Assessments are all offered and participation is encouraged. Further physical fitness is encouraged through Team Affinity, a running/walking team sponsored by Affinity which participates in local 5K runs from March through December of each year.

Affinity Federal Credit Union will continue its commitment towards Workplace Wellness through educating their employees on health and wellness as well as preventative care. They look forward to these initiatives growing and continuing to benefit their employees as well as the company itself.