Help turn your business into a place where

employees’ health and wellness thrive!

Come and participate in life-saving health screenings, informative workshops, movement demonstrations, and more! The EXPO is free and open to the public. You can even come during your lunch break! The health screenings will be conducted by doctors and other health professionals. All resources are provided by Somerset County companies and organizations who offer proven ways to implement wellness strategies to benefit employers and employees in New Jersey today.

Take a moment from your busy work day to spend time investing
in your greatest asset - YOUR HEALTH

WHEN:      Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016
                 11:00am – 2:00pm
WHERE:    Hosted by Anew Wellness at 270 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ  08873

Admission is FREE!

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Agenda At A Glance


Colon Cancer, Nutrition, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Deformities & Stability Issues, Vaccines For Young Adults and the General Public, Foot & Arch Scans, Skin Damage Assessments, Cardiology/Blood Pressure, Bariatric Surgery, BMI, Sleep Problems, and Stress Reduction.

Provided: 11:00am - 2:00pm

Administered by:
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Saint Peter's Healthcare System, Summit Medical Group, Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation, Digestive Healthcare Center, Carrier Clinic, and Anew Wellness


The How To's For Establishing And Building An Effective Worksite Wellness Program
With Limited Resources

Session One:     11:10am - 11:30am

Session Two:     11:40am - 12:00pm

Learn the basic components of starting an employer based wellness program through this interactive workshop where you will gain insight on how to effective develop, expand and maintain a wellness initiative as well as hear successful examples practiced by both large and small companies.

Co-presented by:
Peter Ruccione, Dir. of Corporate Relations, American Diabetes Assoc., Mid-Atlantic North - NJ William Smith, MS, CSCS, MEPD, Account Manager, Atlantic Corporate Health


12:00pm     Mindfulness Plus Workshop: Introduction to Lifelong Essentials

With practice one can become mindful, aware and better equipped to deal with everyday stress and anxiety by learning how to gain control over the different aspects and processes of the mind. Just like physical exercise consists of different training elements, such as strength training, flexibility, speed and cardio training, Mindfulness also consists of different elements of breathing, awareness, concentration and attention cultivation exercises. Participants will learn techniques, including meditation, deep breathing, and exercises to increase mobilization and circulation, which are designed for relaxation, health maintenance, stress management, increased productivity and overall well-being.

Presented by: Hayak Andriasyan, Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation

12:40pm     Addressing The Movement Demands Of Work

Learn movement techniques that will help you to avoid neck, back and knee pain due to the demands from work, such as extended sitting, standing or physical labor.

Presented by: Godelieve Babey, Be Fit Anywhere, LLC

1:20pm     Posture In & Out Of The Office

Come learn what proper posture is and how to maintain it throughout your workday. Dr. Redmond will demonstrate how emotional stress can affect posture and show how Neuro Emotional Technique can be used to eliminate this stress and the postural patterns that accompany it.

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Redmond, Samsara Chiropractic & Wellness Center


12:20pm     Meal Planning For The Work Week

Find out tricks and tips to help you with planning out proper and portioned out meals for the week, These techniques could help you to maintain healthy weight, lose weight, and also increase your energy and production. 

Presented by:  Karen Monetti, bodhi by Anthony Monetti

1:00pm     Snacking For A Healthier Life

Do you need an energy boost around 10 o’clock? Are you feeling ravenous around 4? Stop, don’t reach for that candy bar or bag of chips! Get ideas for yummy, healthy snacks to stash in your desk, bag or office ‘frige. Tasting.

Presented by: Daryl Minch, Rutgers, Cooperative Extension of Somerset County

For more information and press inquires, email Takeena Deas or call (908) 218-4300 ext. 30.