Testimonial - Law Offices of Lambariello & Pilato

Somerset County Business Partnership member, Law Office of Lambariello & Pilato, LLC, takes Workplace Wellness seriously. A small organization by number, but big on creativity and heart in caring for their employees, is evidenced by many of the Workplace Wellness programs the partners have implemented for their employees.

Partner, Stacey Pilato states, “No one gets docked for being sick, dealing with family, home-repair or other emergencies. If the reason for being out is extended, then we discuss with our employees whether utilization of vacation days has now become relevant, or whether it’s possible to continue working from home through our log-in system.”

Chair massages are scheduled each month for the partners and employees. Stacey has found the benefit of massage, offered through SCBP Member Body Essential Massage and Wellness, helps alleviate stress and can even ward off migraines of which plague some of the employees. Other stress management tactics include offering each employee an elliptical stair stepper or bicycle pedaler because long time sitting at desks is often a job requirement, but the compact ellipticals or pedalers get the blood moving. In the lobby, there is the soft and soothing bell fountain, which helps build a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for employees and clients. Stacey notes that she plays classical music in her office, and has a small settee’ for those who need to take a rest during the workday. 

Essential oil diffusers and starter oil sets were purchased for each employee, as well as Himalayan Salt Lamps for desk-side wellness to help purify the air. A fully stocked kitchen offering healthy snacks is available to all employees and clients.

Employees are encouraged to participate in SCBP golf outings as well as any stress relief seminars offered. The staff recently enjoyed a workshop on the benefit of laughter, the golf clinic, and the grand opening of the Lindt Chocolate store.

Some additional strategies that are offered to the employees by both partners include an occasional bottle of wine sent home with the employees to enjoy with their respective spouses over the weekend. The office is closed one Friday (sometimes two) during the summer and the employees and their families enjoy a day off at the beach house owned by Stacey’s partner in the firm, Joe Lambariello. Everyone’s birthday is celebrated by an extended lunch time out with the entire staff. Personal milestones are also celebrated with lunch out with the entire staff. Holiday gifts of live plants, hand-made chocolates, shrimp and meats for family celebrations are also part of the practice’s Wellness Program, as the partners know the value of honoring their employees.

To learn more about the SCBP's Workplace Wellness Committee, contact Takeena Deas.