Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award

1950 Citizen of the Year DinnerThe award has been given annually since 1950 for exemplary volunteer efforts demonstrating creativity, vision, leadership, and citizenship by providing service to programs and activities that positively impact the welfare of the Somerset County community.  Since that time, residents and business leaders have gathered annually to honor men and women who have served the community as medical professionals, elected officials at the local and state level, newspaper publishers, clergy, business leaders, and philanthropists.  History of the award.

PHOTOS from 2017 event.Past Citizens of the Year with 2014 Recipient, Kenneth Bateman

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Nomination Criteria and Nomination Form 

Past Recipients

Howard S. Lyon
Dr. Runkle F. Hegeman
Frederick J. Pelovitz
Claude E. Shappelle
Freas L. Hess, Sr.
Robert L. Adams
Frederick W. Kugler, Jr.
Philip B. Hofmann
C. Palmer Bateman, Sr.
Richard Lothian
George H. Shay
Walter F. Scott
Michael Lepp
John H. McMurray
Thomas H. Hogan
Gen. James I. Bowers
Monsignor Eugene Kelly
Louis A. Spine
Melville M. Wilson
Richard S. Hamilton
Richard B. Sellars
G. Wallace Conover
Joseph F. Buckley
Samuel Kline
Rocco D. Dameo
Freas L. Hess, Jr.
Paul H. Henderson
Raymond H. Bateman
Millicent Fenwick
Rev. David A. Stowe
James J. Pannone
John R. Mullen
Patricia A. McKiernan
Theodore H. Blum
Marguerite Chandler
Chief Richard Voorhees
Frank J. Torpey
Vernon A. Noble
David Linett
Dr. Carlyle G. Caldwell
Fred J. Howlett
Arlyn D. Rus
Richard B. Shive
David M. Prugh
Lewis F. Alpaugh
Charles M. Harrison
Evelyn Sermons Field
Adele & Leonard Blumberg
Frank & Audrey Dittman
Donald Bowers & Dan Puntillo
C. Palmer Bateman, Jr. (Posthumous)
Christine Rose & Robert Corcoran
John Graf Jr.
David D'Alonzo
Bernard V. Navatto, Jr.
Rich Reitman
Steve Kalafer
Senator Walter Kavanaugh
Angelo Corradino
Richard E. "Dick" Williams
James B. Ventantonio, Esq.
Rick Fontana
W. Rodman Ryan
Paul Stahlin
Kenneth Bateman
Doris "Dee" Zampella
Michael V. Camerino, Esq.
Gail Rosen, CPA