Somerset County’s Collaborative Blueprint for

Economic Success

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) report identifies and prioritizes economic development strategies to further job creation and private-sector investment in Somerset County, New Jersey. This report serves as a roadmap to diversify, strengthen, and sustain regional economies. Outlined in the report is the following key information:

  • Demographic and socioeconomic data
  • Vision and goals of the community
  • Strategies to accomplish goals with steps of implementation
  • Evaluation and updates of progress to reach goals
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Priority Focus Areas
Projects, Programs, & Activities

Our Priorities

The CEDS Governing Committee recognizes that while all nine focus areas are important, certain areas have a greater connection to our primary goals of job creation and private-sector economic investment. As the Somerset County-wide economic development agency, it will be incumbent on the SCBP to lead the implementation of priority economic development projects, programs, and activities. To ensure that an appropriate investment of time and resources is directed at our highest priorities, the volunteer leadership of the SCBP undertook a paired comparison prioritization analysis. This methodology is commonly used to help sort and order the importance of options relative to one another. In turn, this enables participants to choose the most important problems to solve or to set priorities where there are conflicting demands on fixed resources.

Through the successful implementation of this strategy, the SCBP seeks to improve Somerset County’s economic future.

Critical Priorities

Business Resources
Re-Use of Significant Properties
Reduce the Regulatory Burden

Secondary Priorities

Workforce Delivery
Transportation and Commuting
Hazard Mitigation
Quality of Life

Additional Priorities


Agriculture Development

Take Advantage of Our Resources