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In the first example of its kind, Somerset County has connected three functional areas of the Business Partnership with a focus on attracting and retaining talent as a key component of our job creation and private sector economic investment efforts. In consultation with representatives of the employer community, economic, workforce and tourism development information has been expanded and brought together within existing platforms, connecting with individuals where they are most likely to engage with us. While economic and demographic data is available that details our human resources talent, we recognized a need to create greater connections between business attraction and retention efforts and the efforts of Somerset County Tourism to promote our area as a destination. This effort became known as “live, work, learn, play, and visit”, and has resulted in compilation of an “employer resource guide.” Our employer resource guide is multi-dimensional, and has been assembled based on the advice and guidance of a team of advisors from some of our major employers. The result is a series of resources that works to both attract visitors and to paint a picture of what it is like to live and work in Somerset County, NJ.

The Somerset County Business Partnership is pleased to provide you with our employer toolkit, designed to assist your company in attracting and retaining a talented workforce. In the first example of its kind in New Jersey, the Business Partnership has connected tourism, economic development and workforce services in order to make them easier for your company to access and utilize.

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Highlighted Resources

Comprehensive Economic Development

Identifies and prioritizes economic development strategies to further job creation and private-sector investment.

Diversity & Inclusion Report

Somerset County’s growing diversity gives us a competitive edge. See how.

Economic & Demographic Profile

Important economic, demographic, and population data, including major employers and occupational statistics.

Commercial Real Estate Market Analytics

Demographic, statistical, and economic data needed to make informed location decisions.

In-Demand Occupation Analysis

Outlines the characteristics of our workforce and the in-demand occupations.

Suburban Disadvantage

Current legislation disadvantages 500/565 municipalities in NJ. Find out what we’re doing about it.

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