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"Unlike private sector companies, nonprofits can have a difficult time defining the objectives because the focus is on serving a constituency and not on the bottom line profit,” commented Brian Auger, co-chair of the Council. “Though nonprofits need money and resources to exist and operate, their purposes are altruistic rather than bottom line monetary, increasing the needs for a peer forum for idea exchange and cooperation."

Becoming a member of the SCBP is one of the smartest business choices I have ever made. I have seen tremendous growth in my business and it has helped me really become a part of the community both personally and professionally.

Joseph Costello - Joe Costello, Financial Advisor. Royal Alliance Associates - Member FINRA/SIPC

The Partnership’s Sustainable Somerset Committee provides me with a venue to meet and network with other local like-minded business leaders and community members who take our environment seriously. The monthly meetings offer educational programs on relevant topics that highlight creative ways for businesses like JM Sorge to be sustainable while also increasing profitability.

Tim Dempsey - Project Manager - JM Sorge Inc.

SCBP marches in step with the changing world of business and its advocacy for growth and profitability through sustainable business practices contributes to the well-being of the community at large. We know that the relationships we are forging through the Partnership are integral to our growth as a firm and our success as a leader in high performance architecture.

Jeanne Perantoni, AIA, LEED AP, CEFPI - SSP Architectural Group

My business continues to grow due to the helpful guidance and support of members who have really taken an interest in me and my business. It truly is a partnership where members want to genuinely help each other. Because of this supportive environment I recently because an ambassador to the SCBP where I help new members become acclimated to the group and get the most out of their membership. This comes so easily to me because I constantly bragging about how great the business partnership is. I highly recommend joining the partnership.

Traci Blank: CMS - CHt, FIBH, CPC - Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach - Trace Your Path , LLC

I am able to get essential information for my business and have my business and have my voice heard at the Somerset County Business Partnership.

Gary Cohen - RC Fine Foods

The Partnership helped me grow my business by providing me with opportunities to network.

Shirley Perlinsky - S&G Cleaning Services

The SCBP offers a wealth of opportunities to participating members to grow & enhance their business as well as contribute to the vitality of Somerset County. As a member for many years under a large corporation and then transitioning to a small business, the Partnership gave me the tools to maintain relationships and reinvent my career without losing a step. My involvement in the SCBP has been rewarded in multiple ways – an invaluable benefit of membership.

Philip Decker - Broker, The John Morgan McLachlan Agency, Inc.

The Somerset County Business Partnership helps foster economic growth in Somerset County by tackling issues that are important to businesses in the county. The partnership also recognizes the need to maintain and enhance innovation in the state and has developed programs that foster collaboration among large and small business and institutions of higher education. The Partnership’s work helps make Somerset County a great place to live, work, learn and raise a family.

Charlene Brown - VP NJ External Affairs, AT&T

In my opinion, the Somerset County Business Partnership is the best place for networking, professional education, and more in the area. The combination of events allows me to network any time of day with a diverse array of businesses from small shops to large corporations while getting to experience some of the great locations throughout the county. Many of my clients have been members of the partnership I met at various networking functions.

Traci Blank, CMS-CHt, FIBH, CPC - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, Tracing Your Path, LLC

As Somerset County’s largest law firm, we have found our membership in the Somerset County Business Partnership to be extremely valuable. The Partnership allows us to build and maintain important relationships with other leaders in both local businesses and government. It also provides many resources which are helpful to our employees, and it provides an excellent platform to create visibility and awareness for our firm.

Jim Laskey - Partner, Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus Jim Laskey, Esq.

As leaders in green design, SSP Architectural Group is proud to support an organization that understands the importance of energy and environmental reforms and advocates for giving Somerset County businesses a competitive edge. SSP’s long-standing partnership with SCBP has allowed us to share our knowledge, resources and energies to help build connections and formulate leadership initiatives that are influencing public policy and impacting long-term economic development.

Jeanne Perantoni, AIA, LEED AP, CEFPI - SSP Architectural Group

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