Leads Groups

We invite you to come together to build relationships and help grow your business through entering one of our Leads Groups. People do business with people they know, like and trust. The Leads Groups help you establish credibility, build your contact list and obtain quality business referrals.

Leads groups meet twice per month and are represented by one person per profession.

For more information please contact info@scbp.org

Group Requirements

In order to join a Leads Group, members of the Somerset County Business Partnership must:

  • Be a dues-paid member of the Business Partnership
  • Promote a business category not already promoted by another Leads Member within that group
  • Commit to regular attendance.

Waiting lists are maintained since some business categories are more popular than others.

Current Group

The SCBP is currently offering two Leads Groups.

  • Leads Group will meet the 2nd ¬†and 4th Mondays, 10 – 11 AM. This meeting is Hybrid. Contact Group Leader Anthony Esposito.
  • (New!) Partnership+ meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 10-11AM. This group meets in person. Contact group leader Chris McManus.

Meeting Agenda

  • (20 Minutes) Each attendee spends one minute talking about his/her business and “A good lead for me is…” (this will be timed so as to allow everyone an equal opportunity to speak)
  • (20 Minutes) One designated member gives a presentation on how they get new customers followed by Q&A
  • (10 Minutes) “Leads, Needs and Thank You’s”
  • (10 Minutes) Group Sharing of suggestions, ideas obtained during discussions

Want to Join a Leads Group?