Wellness Resources in Somerset County, NJ

Healthy communities thrive. This is why your health and well-being are of paramount importance to us. 

Below are some resources for you to consider when it comes to looking for healthcare close to where you live.

Nearby hospitals

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map marked with 3 H's for hospitals

More resources for your well-being

Highlighted Resources

Comprehensive Economic Development

Identifies and prioritizes economic development strategies to further job creation and private-sector investment.

Diversity & Inclusion Report

Currently equal to the  “baby boomers” in population at approximately 75 million.

Suburban Disadvantage

Current legislation disadvantages 500/565 municipalities in NJ. Find out what we’re doing about it.

Economic & Demographic Profile

Important economic, demographic, and population data, including major employers and occupational statistics.

In-Demand Occupation Analysis

Outlines the characteristics of our workforce and the in-demand occupations.

Higher Education & the Business Community

Raises awareness and recognize the benefits of employer-based wellness programs and supportive community resources.

Human Resources Roundtable