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The Somerset Business Hub

Established in 2024, "The Business Hub" - the epitome of modern professionalism and collaborative excellence within The Somerset County Business Partnership's dynamic ecosystem. Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, The Business Hub is a cutting-edge conference room space designed to elevate every aspect of your business gatherings.

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Why Choose The Business Hub?

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1. State-of-the-Art Technology

Equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, including high-definition screens, camera's and sound systems, The Somerset Business Hub ensures seamless presentations (with hybrid options available) and interactive meetings.


3. Convenience & Accessibility

Located in Downtown Somerville, the center of Somerset County, The Somerset Business Hub offers convenient access to restaurants, coffee shops & other amenities.

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2. Versatile Layouts

With flexible seating arrangements and modular furniture, The Somerset Business Hub can adapt to various meeting formats, from intimate brainstorming sessions to large-scale seminars. (Available Option for podcast room/small meeting space of 4 or less)

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4. Brand Visibility

Hosting events in The Somerset Business Hub offers businesses a unique opportunity to enhance their brand visibility and reputation within the local community, positioning them as leaders in their respective industries.

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5. Impeccable Hospitality

Supported by attentive staff & comprehensive services, including catering options & event coordination assistance, The Somerset Business Hub ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for hosts & guests.


1. Contact scbp

Ready to book The Somerset Business Hub for your upcoming event, seminar or meeting?

Still have some questions/concerns? Reach out to our Member Experience Coordinator, Jackie Highland:

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2. Reserve your time online

Eager to book your time at The Somerset Business Hub?

Enjoy the swift convenience of booking ONLINE!


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Parking is 100% FREE & Open to all who are attending The Somerset Business Hub.

Please park on the upper level of the adjoining parking deck (see image)

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**Please read our FAQ page for SBH Policies**

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