Our Mission

We create vibrant connections among our public/private partners, members and the business community that will enable us, together, to build a prosperous and sustainable future.

Our Vision

Somerset County is recognized as one of the premier counties in the nation in which to live, work, play, visit, learn and find talent.

Core Principles

We Deliver

value to our members by responding to their needs and providing unique business growth, networking and informational business resources.

We Advocate

for business-friendly policies and solutions that are long-term, strategic and sustainable.

We Lead

by delivering an innovative program of work that provides our members and community with a competitive advantage.

We Collaborate

with the Somerset County Board of County Commissioners and our community partners to build vibrant connections that make Somerset County a better place to live and work.

We Earn

trust by acting transparently in everything we do.

We embrace

diversity and inclusion to serve the various needs of our membership and community

Strategic Imperatives


To anticipate the needs of the business community and provide critical resources.


To promote job creation and private sector investment.


To advocate for a reform agenda that supports our economic development (CEDS) objectives.


To promote Somerset as a special place to work, live, visit and find talent.


To expand our organizational capacity to better achieve our mission.


Advocate for Better Business Solutions

Update our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) and advocate for a better business climate by supporting a statewide reform agenda, a modern transportation infrastructure, and local initiatives.

Provide Best-in-Class Business Resources

Provide best-in-class educational, networking, economic development and informational business resources that help our members and communities thrive.

Attract and Retain a Diverse Talent Pool

Embrace diversity and inclusion by providing employers with the tools they need to create a culture of inclusion and attract a world-class workforce.

Promote Resiliency and Sustainable Environmental Solutions

Promote Somerset County as the policy leader in providing sustainable environmental solutions and resources that give us a competitive advantage.

Make Somerset County the Healthiest in New Jersey

Implement our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) goals to assure Somerset County is the healthiest county in New Jersey.

Partner with Educational and Workforce Institutions

Partner with our educational and workforce organizations to provide the business community with connections and tools to ensure workforce readiness and access sources of innovation.

Promote Somerset County Amenities

Market Somerset County, in collaboration with our community partners, through a campaign to highlight our wonderful amenities to our residents, employers and visitors.

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